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Guerrero in History

It is impossible to understand Mexican history without involving Guerrero and Guerrero citizens. This land has been Suriana, as few, rich in culture, leaders and causes that have enriched the work and identity of the country. To cite its singular importance in the colony for the universalization of the Spanish empire and its nodal role in creating the technological capital and metalliferous commercial empire that extracted from these parts for maintenance and expansion.

But this is not the end of the relevance of the Guerrero territory. The alternation of its rugged geography and noble, which creates a kind of labor of men in their relationship vital social and economic reproduction.

was established in ground for the adoption and maintenance of the independence struggle waged by mestizos and Indians under a egalitarian and republican project. Nourished by a people who rejected the imperial subjugation threatening the existence of their communities, the insurgent forces sustained resistance in this territory for over a decade, until colonial deplete. In these lands were decreed in advance sanctioned republican independence inspired a congress representative Sentiments of the Nation that dictate Jose María Morelos y Pavón. Also in this epic men formed that eventually, by reclaiming the same principles, overthrew the dictatorship of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to give juarista reform that the country joined the contest of nations..

Similarly, because of the special relationship with the land men in Guerrero formed a society of ranchers was fertile ground for Democrats nominated Francisco I. Madero and hotbed of revolutionary leaders and agricultural. Consequently, throughout the twentieth century the people of Guerrero showed on more than one occasion disagreed with breaches of the principles of the Mexican Revolution by mass democratic movements and armed insurrection. Thus became the benchmark for the alternation of power that came with the dawn of the new millennium.

Guerrero is and has been indispensable to the national process. The problems living in the new millennium is representative of the country's problems and, to that extent, present and future decisions of the people of Guerrero are of concern to nationwide.