A Guerrero of Height


The mountainous region of our state, after the rugged land that lead to the top of the mountain, retains the virginal beauty of lush natural landscapes: forests, valleys, canyons, waterfalls, and rivers protected, since pre-Hispanic times, by its inhabitants, who also retain some of their old traditions and customs. In this land still haunts the jaguar is in every corner of Montana men carry it on their faces with masks imitating his fierceness with tusks and bristles; women carry it in their hands, they create beautiful crafts and toys with his effigy, and is present in the ceremonies, with the dancers, in their fertility rites. Here, preserving traditions and vestiges of colonial times, traces of the Augustinians who came to this inhospitable region to fulfill its mission of evangelization.
Box of surprises is the Mountain region of Guerrero, which when opened gives off the subtle smell linaloe and palm; their makers are true artists, creative minds that have given fame to the region and the state.

If you are fond of secrets, come and discover a Guerrero of height.

Map of the Region