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World Synonym of Pleasure and Joy

Acapulco Mexican destination is the best known in the world and the favorite of a large number of travelers and still is unique and different for each of them, for this wonderful port is a mosaic endless attractions and surprises, as for the jetset that for the most modest of travelers ... Is a paradise for everyone!

His dreamy landscapes, beautiful beaches, pleasant climate, lush vegetation and the warmth of its people are still the main attraction for tourists, but around this traditional Acapulco there are plenty of fun attractions and sites that make it a great place to tourists of all ages ... Is a vast sea of entertainment to discover!

You know, take a vacation in Acapulco is the largest guarantee a constant enjoyment and reborn to life, because everything here is for you!

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Numeros de ayuda

Secretaria de Fomento Turístico del Estado de Guerrero
Tels.: 01 (744) 435 1980/81

En guerrero queremos
escucharte al Teléfono:
 01800 0088 700

Procuraduría de Turista:
(744) 435 1980

Locatel (24 horas):
(744) 481 1100

(744) 484 4122/484 4123

Cruz Roja:
(744) 445 5912/445 5911

(744) 483 1399

Protección Civil:
(744) 483 5040

Tiempo Compartido:
(744) 435 1980

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