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Costa Grande RegiOn

On the coast super fun

To let off, move every muscle, water sports or live with nature, not to be missed, in the Costa Grande of Guerrero finds everything. Costa Grande offers hundreds of options to shake off the stress and get the adrenaline. Walking mountain biking, enjoying the rapids or taming the waves you will pass the days with emotion to the surface. Do you prefer quiet? Costa Grande also is an oasis to relax on the sand or in the warm waters of the ocean, you can visit its lagoons, along the coast and play beach games, go out in the morning with the natives to fish and then, in the afternoon, spend some time in villages enjoy the delicious gastronomy. It's all about tastes and all there, as in the Costa Grande there is a sea of entertainment to discover.

Map of the Region

Numeros de ayuda

Secretaria de Fomento Turístico del Estado de Guerrero
Tels.: 01 (744) 435 1980/81

En guerrero queremos
escucharte al teléfono:
01800 0088 700

H. Ayuntamientos de los Municipios de Costa Grande:

La Unión:
(755) 544 5178 / 544 5058

(758) 538 2283

Tecpan de Galeana:
(742) 425 1380

Benito Juárez:
(781) 426 0980

Atoyac de Álvarez: 
(742) 423 1000

Coyuca de Benítez:
(781) 452 1069

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